Redpoint Management Consultants

You compete globally and operate internationally on a wide range of markets. Your sales channels are increasingly volatile and are threatened with disruption. At the same time, you are struggling with an ever increasing variety of versions and components. Your product life cycles are growing shorter and you feel permanent cost pressure from customers and competitors. Besides high-volume products, you are forced to offer a large number of product versions that are produced in small quantities. The increasing shortage of skilled employees is forcing you to align your core processes with best practices and to ensure process reliability. On the other hand, your organisation is finding it difficult to deal with the volume of change.

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Redpoint specialises in optimising and managing complex value-creation chains (supply chains and value chains). We can work with you to establish outstanding value-creation processes based on our holistic problem-solving skills and best-practice methods – from product development and materials procurement to your own production and delivery network to the end customer. Redpoint stands for exceptional technical and social competence, creativity, absolute integrity and passion. Change can be fun!